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5 Things We'd Like to Share with You about Blue Lake

1. What differentiates Blue Lake from other packaging companies?

We are a transformation partner to support corporate meet their environmental and sustainability goals.

In particular, we take a holistic approach to review the entire packaging life cycle and take into account fit, function, cost, and end-of-life exit.

Our goal is to ensure our packaging solution has a minimal impact on the environment when it exits its value chain. We thoroughly examine and rethink everything from materials selection to product design, manufacturing process, production, distribution, and disposal.

2. How is Blue Lake uniquely positioned to help customers achieve sustainability goals?

To thrive in the new normal, sustainable transformation has become a business imperative. No matter where customers are on their journey, our goal is to help them shift to fiber-based solutions to reduce carbon footprint, take care of end-of-life disposals, eliminate plastic waste, and unleash the best of a circular economy.

We make sure that replacing conventional plastic packaging is a viable problem solver, not creating a new problem, to today's complex challenges.

3. What are the biggest challenges for the packaging industry?

Despite the rising awareness of plastic pollution, genuinely sustainable packaging alternatives are limited on the market. Some customers may have specific requirements, but the solutions may not yet exist, and it will take time to develop new ones. The comfort level of risk-taking and the commitment in terms of R&D resources and funding to the result vary from company to company. Blue Lake innovates to confront the plastic pandemic and deliver measurable results to reduce plastic use and greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

4. What are the biggest opportunities in this space?

Sustainability has been a top priority worldwide. A deeper understanding of biomass and nanofiber has enabled the development of new packaging solutions.

At Blue Lake Packaging, we made a conscious decision to use 100% fiber-based materials. This approach allows us to utilize renewable raw materials such as agricultural waste, natural fiber where the ample supply exists and do not take away from food sources and allows the end product to rapidly and easily biodegrade in a short time even if it ends up in a landfill. We believe more offerings like ours in the market will drive changes in manufacturer's behavior and make a profound impact together.

5. What is Blue Lake’s vision for success?

A plastic pollution-free future is our shared vision for the future.

We strive to lead with technology-driven innovation and mindset shift in the packaging industry and work together with our partners and customers toward a more sustainable future. We look forward to the day when manufacturers and brands are convinced by our fiber-based offerings and inspired to transform to 100% plastic-free packaging solutions.


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