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Blue Lake Delivers the Future of Sustainable Packaging
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Blue Lake Packaging is a sustainable packaging solution provider. We develop, design and deliver eco-friendly, innovation-driven, and cost-competitive packaging products with our proprietary fiber composite materials and manufacturing solutions.


Founded in 2018, we believe sustainable packaging holds the key to eliminating plastic pollution. We are passionate about developing innovative sustainable packaging solutions to fundamentally transform the entire supply chain and product life cycle and reduce overall environmental impact from packaging.


Our mission is to be a trusted sustainable packaging solutions partner for brands, manufacturers, and consumers with the goal to eliminate plastic pollution. We are committed to helping brands and manufacturers develop and implement sustainable packaging solutions, building a more sustainable future together.


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We are innovation-driven and focused on forward-looking end-to-end solutions throughout the supply chain.



We aim for a closed-loop product life cycle and strive to ensure our products and solutions are safe, healthy, and beneficial for consumers and the community.



Our science-based and data-driven approach is applied to the entire workflow from materials selection to the manufacturing process and quality control.


The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. They are the leading voice on sustainable packaging and we are passionate about the creation of packaging that is good for people + the environment.


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We bring together decades of research and industry experience, our expertise covers the most demanding needs for industrial and consumer packaging solutions end-to-end.



Supply chain management and corporate sustainability.


Nanotechnology, wood pulp and agriculture materials science.


Engineer & Designer

Packaging design, tooling, equipment automation, testing and compliance.

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