Our Belief

  • The future of our society depends upon a circular economy.

  • Innovation must be cost-effective.

  • Environmental impact should be minimized throughout the entire product life cycle.




Our Approach

The challenge of plastic pollution is driving a seismic shift in our society,  from the old economic model of "take, make, dispose" toward a circular economy of "system thinking".  To create social, economic, and environmental values in this transition, it is crucial that we satisfy the comprehensive criteria as packaging solution providers. 

With the environmental benefit of 100% fiber-based composites, Blue Lake's products can be safely and easily processed with existing equipment in today's recycling centers.  

We develop proprietary, 100% fiber-based materials, design, and deliver sustainable packaging products and solutions. By enabling engineering and manufacturing processes, we break fundamental barriers of material formulation, cost, and exit treatment.

Our Team

Our scientists, engineers, designers, and leadership team bring together decades of research and industry experience.  From nanotechnology, wood pulp and agricultural materials science, packaging design, tooling, equipment automation, to testing and compliance, supply chain management and corporate sustainability, our expertise covers the most demanding needs for industrial and consumer packaging solutions end-to-end. 

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